Georgia Police Department Adds Hybrids To Its Fleet

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Associated Press Release

ATHENS, Ga. (AP) -- The Athens-Clarke County Police Department has added 18 hybrid cars to its patrol fleet.

Police Chief Jack Lumpkin tells the Athens Banner-Herald the hybrids are expected to translate to about $2,500 per car in fuel savings annually.

The department added Toyota Priuses and Ford Fusions to its fleet and are assigning them to uniform division supervisors. The hybrids have less room in the back for secure prisoner compartments, and department officials say that makes them better suited for patrol supervisors who don't routinely pick up suspected criminals.

Lumpkin says the department's Chevrolet Impalas were getting about 18 miles per gallon and the hybrids are expected to get 49 miles per gallon.

Lumpkin says an added bonus is the cars can run from electric power and quietly approach crime scenes.

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