Gov. Deal: State Of The State 'Excellent'

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Updated: January 15, 2014, 7:30pm

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ATLANTA (AP) -- A $42.3 billion budget plan from Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal would increase spending on education as the economy slowly recovers from a deep recession.

The Republican governor released his spending plan Wednesday.

The budget plan totals $42.3 billion when including funding coming from the state and federal governments. Deal has proposed spending about $20.8 billion in state funds that come largely from personal income and sales tax collections.

Lawmakers in the General Assembly will start reviewing the budget and ultimately decide whether to approve it.

Deal said his budget plan includes an additional $547 million for primary and secondary public schools in the state. He said the money will help local school systems increase the number of school days, reduce teacher furloughs and increase teacher salaries.

Associated Press News Release

ATLANTA (AP) -- Gov. Nathan Deal says he wants to see dredging get underway this year on the long-sought deepening of the Port of Savannah's shipping channel.

Deal told state lawmakers in his State of the State address Wednesday that "it's time to start moving dirt" on the $652 million project, which Congress first authorized in 1999.

Deal included $35 million in his proposed budget for the harbor expansion. If approved, Georgia will have appropriated a total of $266 million for the project.

The federal government is supposed to cover 60 percent of the harbor deepening, which would allow supersized cargo ships to reach Savannah's seaport. But money from Washington has been tight.

Deal has said he's willing to start dredging using all state money, but Congress must first eliminate a bureaucratic hurdle

Associated Press News Release

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ATLANTA (AP) -- Gov. Nathan Deal pledged to keep Georgia's tax burden low, saying "we will not allow ourselves to be coerced" into Medicaid expansion.

Deal also said the state of Georgia is in "excellent" shape as the result of "hard work and sacrifice."

Deal made the comments during his annual state of the State of the State speech at the Georgia Capitol on Wednesday.

The governor is set to propose a nearly $547 million increase in state education funding when he submits his budget proposal to state lawmakers.

A large increase in education funding was expected amid growing state revenues and concerns that more than half of Georgia's school districts were not meeting a state minimum of 180 school days due to budget cuts.

Associated Press News Release

Associated Press
ATLANTA (AP) -- Gov. Nathan Deal says he will propose a $547 million increase in state education spending, calling it the "largest single year increase in K-12 spending in seven years."

Deal delivered his annual State of the State address on Wednesday to lawmakers during a special joint session of the General Assembly on Wednesday.

Deal said state education funding will total nearly $8 billion, allowing schools to restore instructional days, eliminate furloughs and boost teacher pay.

Deal, a Republican up for re-election this year, has faced early criticism from his challengers over the state's education funding in recent years. State Sen. Jason Carter, who's running for governor, is set to deliver the Democratic response to Deal later Wednesday.

Deal will also be presenting his budget to a legislative committee later Wednesday.

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