Health Alert 10-4-12

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October 4, 2012 - Researchers at the University of Wisconsin may have a reason why children living in urban areas are at a higher risk of developing asthma. Testing on nearly 800 infants shows inner city kids are much more likely than suburban children to be exposed to a type of viral respiratory infection during their childhood which can cause chronic lung infections. Doctors believe those infections can change the way their lungs develop, putting them at risk for asthma. More study is needed to confirm the findings.

Also, a new procedure at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital has its first successful patient. 92 year old, Eunice Sloat, was the first person to ever undergo transcatheter aortic valve replacement. Because of her age, Sloat can't have open heart surgery. Doctors made a small incision through her groin in order to replace a valve in her heart. Sloat had the procedure done on a Friday and was discharged the following Monday. More than 20 doctors nurses and surgeons helped with her surgery.

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