Public Hospital Workers Urge State to Take Federal Healthcare Money [SLIDE SHOW]

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Press Release: Service Employees International Union 1991

TALLAHASSEE - More than 100 doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers from Florida's largest public hospital - Jackson Health System in Miami - will join with other healthcare advocates from around the state to demand that the Florida Legislature approve a plan to take the federal money to expand healthcare.

Advocates reject the false choice offered by the current House plan, which covers fewer people, costs more money, and fails to shift the high cost of emergency care to lower cost primary care. They will call on lawmakers to incorporate elements of the Senate's plan.

What: Press conference in opposition to House healthcare expansion proposal

Where: State Capitol, 4th floor Rotunda, Senate side

When: Thursday, April 18 at 12PM

Who: SEIU 1991 President Martha Baker, RN, nurses and others telling tragic healthcare stories about their uninsured patients, Miami police officers, State Representative Jose Javier Rodriguez and other legislators supporting healthcare expansion


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