Heavy Rains Could Cost You Money In The Form Of Mold

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By Greg Gullberg
July 17, 2013

Valdosta, GA - We've seen lots of rain these past few weeks. And that could cost you money in the form of mold and fungus building up in your home.

The moisture gets absorbed into the wood. Mold and fungus buildup could mean replacing your floor or other parts of your home. And that can cost thousands.

Do you think your insurance will cover that? Think again. They often don't.

Cindy Ericks is owner and consultant with Ericks Environmental. They work in conjunction with Mold Test USA. She tells us what homeowners can do.

"They can keep the humidity levels low in their homes. At about 50%. They can buy a humidity gauge to keep at their thermostat and just verify that the humidity levels are remaining low. And if the humidity levels go up, say near 60%, they should call a professional," said Ericks.

Find more helpful tips at: moldtestusa.com


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