Home Depot Donates 1,000 Smoke Alarms To TFD

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News Release: Tallahassee Fire Department

Tomorrow at 1:00 p.m., the Tallahassee Fire Department will take receipt of 1,000 smoke alarms being donated by the Home Depot located at 3200 Capital Circle NE.

The smoke alarms were awarded to the Home Depot by Kidde in recognition of its efforts to help keep our communities and local residents safe. The Tallahassee Fire Department plans to utilize the smoke alarms to support our existing fire prevention campaigns.

”Smoke alarms are vital to our community and provide the early warning necessary to escape a deadly fire”, said TFD Fire Prevention Division Chief Bill Ekwall. “We are excited and very thankful that the Home Depot has provided the free smoke alarms that will continue to support our fire prevention programs.”

The Tallahassee Fire Department Smoke Detector Program began in the early 1980’s and was designed to provide senior citizens and low-income citizens with a smoke detector for their home. Senior citizens have an increased risk of dying in fires. More than 1,200 Americans over the age of 65 die as a result of fire and 3,000 are injured due to residential fires each year. Over the years, the department has installed many smoke detectors throughout Tallahassee and Leon County.

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