Imagine Tallahassee Releases Vision Statement

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By Bailey Myers
August 27, 2013

Tallahassee FL - Tuesday night people throughout Tallahassee "imagined" just what they want the capital city to be like.

Imagine Tallahassee is an organization working to make sure certain tax money goes towards the goals people from the city want to see achieved.

So, tonight the vision statement for the program was introduced to the public... everyone was welcome to come and place their vote on what they would like to see changed.

One of the Founders of Imagine Tallahassee Kim Rivers explained, "What we are looking for are those rallying points for our community so that they could say you know what yeah if Tallahassee had 'X' that would be awesome and that would be a place that I would want to stay in for at least the next twenty years, and I would want my kids to come back."

Rivers told Eyewitness News that Imagine Tallahassee plans on combining all the feed back they get from their web site and from tonight's program to reshape their vision. Moving forward they will be working with the community on making a suggestion to the sales tax committee in December . That suggestion will help guide the Sales Tax Committee in making a decision on where the community would like to see money invested.


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