Independence Day & Fireworks: An American Tradition

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Tallahassee, FL 7-4-13

The 4th of July has many perks: BBQ, music and of course fireworks.

People buying up rockets are right on cue.

"It's the Fourth of July. Something to do."

It's a tradition that's here to stay.

"We like to celebrate America's birthday."

Loud blasts and booms are somethings you'll hear.

"This is like Halloween. Its the best part of the year."

With all different types of models and makes, there's everything from Sparklers, to Crickets even Snakes.

They've got rockets, grenades, and more to entice. There's even something called 'Pink Ice'.

If you're not too careful, paying too much is a safe bet.

"We definitely have a budget set."

But weather is something you might have to fear. In fact Mother Nature isn't really helping this year.

Despite the weather businesses are chalking up a win.

"In some ways, the rain actually helps them come in."

With drier skies, we could have much to gain.

"You can't fire off fireworks with the rain."

But will there be bombs bursting in air? The outlook isn't good. Conditions are just fair.

So here's to celebrating the holiday however you choose. Reporting in Tallahassee, James Buechele, Eyewitness News.


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