Internet Cafe Raises Money For Japan

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Monticello, FL-- April, 1 2011-- 10:26PM

A business that's been in the hot seat lately is stepping up to help Japan.

Gambo's Internet Cafe in Monticello is hosting a charity event to help out families that are affected by the disaster in Japan.

Every dollar the company makes tonight will be donated to the Red Cross and Operation U.S.A.

Another perk is Gambo's is giving away a total of $5,000 in sweepstakes prizes to those who play.

Anish Patel, Owner of the Cafe says, "Were a legitimate business so were just trying to give back the community. And just show everyone out there that were not just taking money for ourselves."

Kevin Brady, a charity participant says,"I think that's just great of the owners, I mean to do that for the community just really shows that they are more than interested. I think it's a nice place to come and I enjoy coming here."

The Cafe is open until 2AM. So, you still have a chance to get out and show your support.


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