Internet Cafe in Chattahoochee Forced to Shut Down

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Chattahoochee, FL ---

City manager Lee Garner describes his experience at the internet cafe that was briefly opened on Cemetery Street in Chattahoochee.

"I felt like I was in a casino in Las Vegas and the only thing missing is that I didn’t come by and have someone serve me a drink," says Garner.

He says the owners were only issued a temporary license for business when they opened in May.

The internet cafe is located right in the center of a residential neighborhood. It's also located only feet away from a nearby hospital. The city manager says it concerns him.

"I pushed that mouse and there was bells and whistles and lemons and cherries came out there and to me I felt like I was gambling," says Garner.

The cafe was forced to close on June 10.

The county board voted 3-2 to approve a moratorium that would end business for all internet cafes in the town for six months.

Chadeedra Johnson says the internet cafe was not all about gambling.

"They had it where you can get on the internet and look for a job. You could Google, Facebook and all that kind of stuff. It was more than just gambling," Johnson says.

The discussion on regulating internet cafes in Florida was on the table during the legislative session, but was never voted on. We spoke to the internet cafe owner, but he declined to comment


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