K9's Follow Their Noses To Tallahassee

By Julie Montanaro
November 5, 2013

K-9's from across the state and even from across state lines have followed their noses to Tallahassee this week.

Shepherds, labs and bloodhounds are criss crossing fields and woodlines as their handlers try to hone their tracking skills.

There are K-9 teams here from as far away as Indiana to learn techniques for tracking people and sniffing out drugs.

They're focusing primarily on how to find their way through multiple scents without losing their track.

"It matters in the real world as far as making sure we have the right suspect at the end of the track," said SGT Brian Pearson with the Leon County Sheriff's Office K9 Unit. "If we track from a robbery that occurred at one of the local stores and we use that dog to track that suspect, we want to make sure he's the one that actually committed the crime and he's the one that we successfully found at the end."

The training is being coordinated by the Florida Law Enforcement K-9 Association.

The dogs' handlers say the only thing in it for dogs like Max and Loki is praise and potentially some treats.


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