Kitchen Burglary Alarms Homeowners

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Press Release: Thomasville Police Department

The Thomasville Police Department is investigating several crimes , which have occurred in the last two days. On Thursday morning at approximately 4:15 A.M. officers responded to a residence in the 1100 block of Gordon Ave in reference to a burglary in progress. Upon arrival officers spoke to homeowners who stated that they were awakened by noises in the kitchen area of the residence. Officers checked the residence and no one was located. There was evidence that someone had entered the residence while the home owners were asleep and took items from the kitchen. Household items were taken and drawers from the kitchen were found outside near a window where entry was made into the residence. The investigation is on- going and we are asking that if anyone has information about this crime, that they call our criminal investigations division at 227-3302 or CRIMESTOPPERS at 227-3305.

On Friday morning, officers responded to a residence in the 805 block of South Broad St. and the 100 block of West Loomis St., in reference to vehicles being entered. In one case the vehicle was gone through, however, nothing was reported missing. In another incident money was taken from the vehicle. These incidents are under investigation and we are asking the public for help if anyone has information about these crimes.

There have been reports of other attempted crimes such as the one we are talking about. Citizens are reminded to secure all property. This include residences, vehicles, storage buildings, and other areas that property may be stored. We want the citizens to be aware of these crimes and to report all suspicious activity in the neighborhood. They can always call 911 if the need police.

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