Lawn Equipment Found Helps Local Organization Get Back To Work

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By: Emily Johnson
June 26, 2014

Thomasville, GA - For the yard crew at the Thomas-Grady Service Center Thursday morning was all about getting back to work. The group of developmentally disabled adults had been without their lawn equipment since it was stolen last week.

"This is equipment that we use to provide work for our clients. We have two yard crews that we have probably 50 to 60 yard customers that we work for," said Tony Gelabert, Thomas-Grady Service Center Director.

The center said workers are trained on how to use the equipment and depend on this job for income.

Police said among the almost $25,000 worth of equipment stolen was a brand new John Deer mower.

On Wednesday the center said it received the call it had been hoping for from authorities. Most of the items had been found by law enforcement in Leon County.

The Thomas-Grady Service Center said they locked up their lawn equipment in what they thought was a secure lot next to their building. Now they said they will start putting their lawn equipment inside.

"I guess folks who steal don't really care who their stealing from, or what affect it has on them," said Gelabert.

The Yard Crew said they're thankful most of their equipment has been returned so they can get back to work in the community. They said they're still missing one of their zero turn radius mowers.

Thomasville Police said there have been no arrests in this case and you're asked to call the police at 229-227-3249 if you have any information on where the rest of the lawn equipment.


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