Legislature Looks Into Florida's Water Standards

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Many topics at the capital spur debate and restrictions on Florida's water standards is now one of them.

A state house subcommittee met Monday to discuss an issue that affects everyone, how to protect the state's water from dangerous substances.

"What we're trying to do is set rules, expand our tool box to gain control of nutrient issues in our state," said Drew Bartlett with the Department of Environmental Protection.

Bartlett supports a bill from Representative Jake Raburn.

It would allow the DEP to set nitrogen and phosphorus levels in most of the state's water systems.

"It comes from septic tanks, fertilizer, waste water, those kind of things can get into our water way if not controlled properly," Bartlett said.

Not everyone is on board will the bill. David Cullen representing Sierra Club Florida flat out said it would not improve Florida's water.

"The damage has to occur and be visible before anything happens, what we want to see happen are protective standards where we set a limit," Cullen said.

The committee did have plenty of questions but pushed the bill through this phase.

"Sierra Club believes that it's important that we have clear cut, easily enforceable, easily understood limits that protect Florida's water," Cullen said.

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