Leon County Teachers: School Year Started Smoothly

By: Lanetra Bennett
August 20, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Monday was the first day of school for Leon County and many area districts.

Teachers say students greeted them with lots of hugs and smiles. Because administrators say most things went smoothly, teachers and staff were all smiles, too.

Fifth Grade teacher Maresa McKinley says, "I think all teachers get jitters right before the first day of school."

But, no need for jitters or worries at Leon County Schools.

"We had a great first day. It was awesome." Says, Conley Elementary School Principal Laura Brooks.

Brooks says she expected a massive rush Monday like in years past, but, says the first day of school went without a hitch.

Brooks says, "There was no mob effect. It really just ran quite smoothly. You would've thought it was a typical day during the year. it was awesome."

Principal Brooks says the faculty's pre-planning, and reviewing of details and procedures before the school term helped make for the smooth-sailing first day... and help from the parents.

She says, "We say up front, take a deep breath, be patient; and they really did that. We really appreciate their cooperative spirit."

Students spent most of the first day getting acquainted with their teachers and guidelines.

McKinley says, "Our rules and procedures. So, they're beginning to get their feet wet with learning the things that we want them to know for the year, their learning goals."

On the second day, it was already straight down to business.

Brooks says, "I'm really excited the rest of the year is going to follow suit. It's going to be a great one."

Administrators say traffic, parking, and transportation are usually the biggest problems at the start of the school year. But, staff at Conley say even that went well Monday.

As of now, District officials have not reported any major back-to-school problems.


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