Leon County School Board Talks Teacher Pay Raises And Lower Taxes

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By: Bailey Myers
July 23, 2013

Tallahassee FL - The key take away from tonight's School Board meeting was clear. School Employees will see a pay raise, and homeowners will see a drop in their taxes.

School Board Members reviewed the Tentative budget for the 2013 -2014 school year during tonight's meeting. One of the big points touched on was the millage rate property owners will be expected to pay.
I spoke with the Budget Director for the county and she explained to me that because the legislature previously determined state taxes would be increasing, and taxes would be lower on a local level in Leon County.

The Budget Director for Leon County Schools, Naomi Coughlin, explained "For the Leon County School board, the millage rate this year is going down about point three four six of a mill. So that's less money that the home owner has to pay in their taxes." That comes out to a 36-dollar decrease for every 100-thousand dollars your home is worth.

As for teachers in Leon County-- the tentative budget plan calls for a pay increase. Superintendent of Leon County Schools, Jackie Pons, "Every dollar that was given to us by the Legislature for these specific targeted raises which they identified we have put into the budget for that purpose and we want to get it out as quickly as we can."

Pons says he hopes teachers will start to see the extra 24-to 25-hundred dollars in their September pay checks. A decision on the final school budget will be made July 30th.

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