Local Family Gets Face-To-Face With A Shark

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson
August 16, 2013

Shell Point Beach, FL--"Really, really too close for comfort," said Sherri Burgett as she laughs about a very unusual experience.

Sherri Burgett can laugh now, but a few days ago she thought she was going to die. Burgett says her and her family are lucky to be alive after a frightening encounter with an 8-foot shark. The shark hit her son-in-law, Jeremy Ruggless, while he was standing in the water at Shell Point Beach Wednesday.

"The tail swept around him and slapped him," said Sherri Burgett, a Tallahassee Resident. "He had a mark from the middle of his back to the cheek of his butt. We just grabbed kids and we got our butts out of the water."

Burgett says her and her family were just chest deep when her son-in-law had to think on his feet and grab his daughter out of harms way.

"That was a very lucky call," said Burgett. "We didn't think we'd be back out here for awhile."

She says she never thought sharks of that size would be so close to shore, but when we arrived on scene we saw dolphins just yards away.

Burgett just wants to warn people about being weary of their surroundings

"Look out for shark because you can't see them," said Burgett.

Residents in the area say sharks are very common around Shell Point Beach.


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