Local Group Rallies as Congress Debates Fiscal Cliff

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A group of local residents rallied at the office of Congressman Steve Southerland Monday.

Nothing major has happened, so what's all the fuss about.

"The House of Representatives and Congress are looking to find cuts for the budget," said David Jacobsen, one of the ralliers.

The group said they are fighting for programs such as Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.

In the name of the "fiscal cliff," spending cuts agreed upon in 2011 would take effect by the end of 2012 if a deal isn't made. Those programs could be a part of the cuts.

"I would hope that Congressman Southerland would listen to what we have to say," Jacobsen said.

The ralliers walked up to Congressman Southerland's office and sent him a message to Washington.

They want him to vote no against anything that would cut those benefits.

Southerland's Office released this statement:

"Neither party holds a monopoly on wanting to protect Medicare and Social Security. That said, the simple fact remains that if we don't act now Medicare will go bankrupt within a decade, and Social Security within two. Rep. Southerland has voted to restore $716 billion in Medicare funding cut under ObamaCare and he voted against the debt limit deal because it could cut $150 billion more. His record reflects his commitment to keeping both of these vital programs solvent, not just for today's seniors but for our kids and grandkids as well."

Congress has until December 31, 2012 to make a compromise on the "fiscal cliff."

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