Local Groups Host Eighth Collection of Ammunition Event

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It was a great day to collect...ammo.

Several local groups teamed up to collect bullets, bullets and more bullets.

"It's a great community service that we provide," said Gene Jones, whose hosted the Ammunition Collection Event eight times now.

Jones started this collection program, co-sponsored by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

"For protection of the environment, for protection of workers safety at the landfills to make sure this material is not mismanaged and potentially cause a problem to an individual," Jones said.

The collection was held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at Kevin's Guns, Outdoor Gear & Apparel in Tallahassee.

While there, along came Jay Kennedy to donate ammo of his own.

"A deceased member of the family had guns and ammunition and I had ended up with it in my house," Kennedy said.

When the ammo is brought in, they donate it to the boy scouts, shooting ranges and the police department, unless the ammunition is non-shootable.

"What is not usuable, what we end up doing is working with the local state fire marshal's office and they come in and destroy that ammo," Jones said.

"You really shouldn't put things like live ammunition, may be live, in the garbage," Kennedy said.

Some items collected include shotgun shells, pistol cartridges and black powder.