Local Man Charged In Credit Card Scam, Thousands Of Dollars In Purchases

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Thomasville, GA-October 23, 2012

A local man was arrested in connection to a credit card scam in Illinois.

Investigators with the Thomas County Sheriff's Office received a call from authorities in Kane County, Illinois about a man who reported his credit card was being used to make purchases online in Thomasville.

The delivery address of those purchases led investigators to 50 year-old David Tyler of Thomas County.

According to Lt. Tim Watkins, the chief investigator with the Thomas County Sheriff's office, on ten separate occasions, Tyler allegedly made thousands of dollars worth of purchases online from 'Casual Male," which is a big and tall clothing store.

Tyler told investigators he did not know he was committing a crime.

"He informed us that he had met someone online in a chat room that said they were running a non-profit organization that was actually getting donations and asked him to put them in smaller packages and forward them," said Lt. Watkins.

Tyler was arrested and taken to Thomas County Jail. He is charged with felony credit card fraud and will be indicted on ten counts. If convicted, Tyler could face 30 years in jail. He is currently out on bond.

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