Local Rescue Seeks Help In Caring For Horses As Winter Approaches

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Thomasville, GA- More than 70 horses were seized in an animal cruelty investigation earlier this year. The animals' new caretakers need some help now too.

"Of course our first thought is we just want to cry and we want to get mad, but we can't do that. We know we have a job to do," said Anne Campbell, the Vice President of Dancing Cloud Farm House Rescue.

The once malnourished horses arrived at the Rescue in February 2012 after the Thomas County Sheriff's Office seized them from Rebecca Bannister's residence.

"A body score of a horse goes from one to 10, one being the worst; some of these horses were a .75, below a one, almost to the point where they wouldn't have lasted a couple more days," explained Pat Smith, the Director of Animal Control.

Bannister's trial for animal cruelty and theft keeps getting delayed which means the Rescue must keep the horses longer than expected.

The cost to care for the horses is quickly adding up. Right now, caretakers say they spend about $500 a week just to feed the horses. They worry once the donations run out, they won't know what to do.

"We desperately need good quality hay and we need feed, especially for the older horses. They can't be sustained through the winter on just hay and it's scary when you get low and you don't know where the next roll is coming from."

"We would just really appreciate anybody that has some hay or a little bit of money to spare to donate to a good cause, to Dancing Cloud," added Smith.

If you are interested in helping the horses of Dancing Cloud or for more information visit http://www.dcfhr.com/

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