Lowndes Co Boston Bombing Survivor Says Now We Move Forward

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By Greg Gullberg
April 17, 2013

Valdosta, GA - Sean McConnell says he's lucky to be alive. He just got back home to Hahira, Georgia after running the Boston Marathon Monday.

He says he crossed the finish line just 29 minutes before the bombs went off. But if he hadn't run so fast, his girl friend may have been caught in the blast. And despite everything that happened, that is not going to stop him from running the Boston Marathon again.

"Marathoners don't quit. Because in any marathon you will want to quit at some point. Everybody does. But you just push on through. Just like the city of Boston will push on through this," McConnell said.

This was McConnell's 2nd Boston Marathon. He's competed in a lot of different races but he says there's nothing like this. And he hopes this tragedy doesn't discourage anyone from coming back again.

"The comradery and the spirit of this is not going to be dampened by this. The city of Boston has resolve. It will over come this. And i will run the Boston Marathon again," McConnell said.

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