Verdict In For Parking Lot Murder

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By: Garin Flowers
June 20, 2013

Madison County, FL - Cedrick Edwards has been found guilty on murder charges in the beating death of Michael Logan.

The jury deliberated for 40 minutes before making the decision.

By: Garin Flowers
June 20, 2013

Madison County, FL - Cedrick Edwards is accused of the beating death of Michael Logan.

Madison Police say back in August of 2011, Logan was simply picking up medicine for his wife, and was attacked by Edwards with a metal jack iron.

Police say Edwards was arrested about ten minutes later and he was charged with murder.

The interesting thing here is police say they know he did it, but want to find out a motive, why he committed the murder.

Rumors went flying-- People saying they heard Edwards say different things but nothing has been substantiated.

By: Garin Flowers

Madison County, FL - Today, the trial began for a local man accused of beating another man to death.

Cedrick Edwards was arrested for murder nearly two years ago in Madison.

Police say Edwards beat Michael Logan to death with a metal jack iron in August 2011 outside of the Madison County Health Department. Officers arrested him that same day and charged him with murder.

Today was jury selection for the case and wrapped up around 3:30 p.m. The trial continues tomorrow in the Madison County courtroom at 9 a.m.

The Madison County Clerk's office says there is a long list of witnesses, but that the trial is scheduled to end by Thursday.

[UPDATE] Feb. 13, 2012 at 6:40 p.m.

Kim Barnhill received a call last August she'll never forget.

Her staff at the Madison County Health Department told her a man was badly beaten in their parking lot.

It all happened that morning.

"Someone who worked in our Women's Health Center had come down and opened the door and said call 9-1-1, it's an emergency," said Barnhill, adminstrator for the department.

Police say on that day Michael Logan went to pick up his wife's medicine. That's when Cedrick Edwards attacked him with a tire iron.

Logan died.

"I've been in this business for about 27 years now and have had to do that on a few occasions to make that kind of death notification," said Chief Gary Calhoun of the Madison Police Department.

"It never gets easier."

Officials say Edwards attacked Logan in this parking lot and thanks to witnesses, they identified him.

Police caught him less than ten minutes later.

"Folks here in Madison stepped up and stood out," added Chief Calhoun.

"They pointed out and told us what happened and what they saw. We were able to get that identification of the suspect very very quickly."

Chief Calhoun says this is no longer a case of who committed the crime. Now they are trying to find out, why he did it.

When Logan was beaten, the staff at the Madison County Health Department jumped to his aid. Barnhill is proud of the way her team responded to this tragic incident.

"They performed optimally, I mean you couldn't have asked for any better response to an emergency situation like this," Barnhill said.

[UPDATE] Feb. 13, 2012

Police say they have new evidence in a murder that happened in a local health department parking lot. The incident happened in Madison, Florida back in August 2011.

Police say Michael Logan was beaten to death with a metal jack iron back in August. Officers arrested Cedrick Edwards that same day and charged him with murder.

What's new is that police now say they have DNA evidence connecting Edwards to the crime. Investigators say they collected Logan's DNA evidence from the bottom of Edwards' shoes.
Now police are looking for a motive in the case.

They believe there are some people in the community who may know what led up to the deadly beating. Police are asking anyone with information in this case to contact them. The State Attorneys Office has said identifying a motive would make the case against Edwards a lot more solid.

Coming up tonight on Eyewitness News, we'll hear from Police Chief Gary Calhoun about how they're starting to put together the pieces to this murder case.

Updated 8-25-11 6:00 PM

A man who went to the Madison County Health Department to pick up a prescription, ended up being beaten to death.

Officers have not released his exact age, but say he was in his 60s.

"I can't hardly believe it, I see it there I see the body but I just can't hardly believe it," says Madison County Resident Janie Cambrick.

Janie Cambrick was one of few bystanders on the scene, watching as investigators put the pieces together of Michael Logan's death.

Witnesses on scene fingered Cedrick Edwards as the the man who committed the brutal attack, but they haven't figured out why.

"We really have no idea of any kind of motive we don't believe they knew each other so we don't know if it's a robbery or what it was," says Police Chief Gary Calhoun.

Investigators say the attack happened around 10:30 Thursday morning on August 25. Officers shut down the health department while they investigated.

"Folks from the health department had come out and tried to render aid to the victim, he was in the parking lot and he pretty much had been beaten to death," says Calhoun.

Late Thursday afternoon, Logan's body still remained at the scene, while investigators waited for a medical examiner to arrive.

Logan's vehicle remains at the scene, officers tell us he was just inches away from his vehicle when the incident took place.

Although Edwards has been arrested in connection with the fatal beating, he has not yet been charged. Logan's body has been taken to Jacksonville for an autopsy.

Madison, Florida - August 25, 2011

A person has been arrested, but not formally charged, in connection with the beating death at the Madison County Health Department parking lot. Cedrick Edwards was arrested according to the Madison Police Department.

The victim was Michael Logan, a man in his 60s. The Madison Police chief is headed to the scene now.

Madison, Florida - August 25, 2011

Pictures and video are courtesy of the Madison Voice

Folks living in Madison are in shock this afternoon. A man was apparently beaten to death in the parking lot of the Health Department.

Witnesses say by the time the ambulance arrived around 10:30 the victim was already dead.

Madison police and FDLE agents acted quickly and caught the suspect within 20 minutes of the incident.

The suspects name and the victim's name have not been released at this time.

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