Mother Claims Bullying At Georgia Middle School

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By: Andy Alcock
November 4, 2013

Cairo, Georgia - Leslea Manning is the mother of a 12 year old boy.

She says it's been no bed of roses for her son at Cairo's Washington Middle School.

"He's been choked, he's been punched, he's been jumped in the bathroom," Manning said.

She says her son has also been verbally abused in addition to those three physical attacks this school year.

She says in one instance, her son was moved out of the classroom of his attacker.

Manning says in the most recent episode, her son was attacked in the bathroom and his face was pushed in urine.

She says his attacker was given a three day in school suspension.

"The one day that my son went back to school since this incident, he was threatened again by this student," said Manning.

Grady County Schools Superintendent Lee Bailey told us he couldn't address Manning's complaint.

But he did tell us discipline for fighting is stricter for high school than middle or elementary students.

Manning believes the punishments should be the same.

"With kids committing suicide because of bullying because of cyber bullying, it should be taken seriously," said Manning. "And I don't believe that in Grady County they take it seriously enough," she said.

Because of her son's problems at Washington Middle, Manning has transferred her son to a school ten miles away.

"It's what's best for my son and that's all I'm concerned about is doing what's best for him," she said.

Washington Middle Principal Tilda Brimm declined our request for an on camera interview.

However, she tells us all appropriate actions were taken in this case and each problem was addressed immediately.


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