Record Number Of Stadium Ejections At FSU-Miami

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By: Emily Johnson
November 4,2013

Tallahassee,FL - Bobby Bowden Field lit up on Saturday night as the Seminoles blew away the then 7Th ranked Miami Hurricanes 41-14. It was the 8Th consecutive game FSU has put up 40 points or more, but that wasn't the only record set that night. Doak Campbell had the largest crowd ever Saturday night with 84,409 people inside. It also produced the largest ejections by the FSU Police Department with 267 people, breaking the 2011 Oklahoma record of 146 people ejected.

FSUPD knew that it would be all hands on deck that night. "They just knew they had to bring their game up a notch," said MAJ. Jim Russell of FSU Police Department. The had 44 officers working the game, keeping an eye out for people acting out. MAJ. Russell said reasons why people were thrown out were because people were "highly intoxicated where they were basically stumbling around and really needed to not be in the game at that point. We had some issues with people that were using student IDs that were not issued to them that had been lent by a student to someone else who was not a student, disorderly conduct that sort of thing."

For the fans inside the stadium they noticed a rowdier crowd during the prime time game. "I saw a couple from the game. Usually I only see one or two, but I think I saw maybe 3 or 4," said Katherine Boener, FSU Fan.

FSUPD said if the number of ejections was lower then there would have been more cases in the crowd of medical calls and arrest taking place.

FSUPD arrested nine people while Leon County Sheriff's Office said it just had one arrest at Saturday night's game. Tallahassee Police Department said it had a few arrests for disorderly conduct, but noting out of the ordinary.