National Flip Flop Day Means Free Smoothies

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By: Bailey Myers 6-21-2013 Tallahassee: Here's something you can store away with holidays you'll never remember.

Today is national flip flop day.

To celebrate-- 'Tropical Smoothies' stories throughout the country passed out free smoothies.

This is all for a good cause. The franchise does this to raise awareness to the charity it supports-- 'camp sunshine.'

The local owner explains his hopes for Flip Flop day.

The Tallahassee Franchise Area Developer Sam Osborne explained, "So we figure if they come in our store and they are wearing flip flops and they see all the signs and all the flip flops that are hanging on the wall it gets them to kind of address you know what is going on. And that is our chance to actually let them know about camp sunshine and what we are doing."

Camp Sunshine provides week long camps for the families of the children who suffer with life-threatening illnesses free of charge.

Tropical Smoothie is hoping their fundraising efforts this year will amount to half a million dollars.

All the money raised will benefit children and their families in need.


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