New Bainbridge Plant To Create 240 New Jobs

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By: Andy Alcock
March 26, 2014, 5pm

240 new jobs are coming to our area.

A new manufacturing plant is set to open soon in Bainbridge.

A company called Bainbridge Manufacturing will make heat exchange systems for the automotive, aerospace and HVAC industry.

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal came to town for the announcement at Bainbridge State College where they'll be working with the company to train employees.

"My belief is that education should lead to a job. And we have seen that refocus in our technical college system and our college and university system," said Gov. Deal.

The company is expected to open for business here in the fall. But it will be just getting started. Right now this facility is about 180,000 square feet. By the time the expansion is done, it will be 1.6 million square feet.

Company owner Abraham Levy says 7 or 8 states competed for the factory.

He chose Georgia for several reasons, including a tax incentives deal.

"It's not just the incentives they provide, they have a lot of innovative centers that help us with research and that was important, it's also a welcoming community," said Levy.

"I think Bainbridge will benefit greatly not just with this facility, but with other companies will look at that and say maybe we should consider coming there as well," said Gov. Deal.

Levy and his family plan to invest $100-million dollars of their own money.

We asked: "So obviously, if you didn't think you were going to make some money here, you wouldn't be investing that kind of coin?"

"You better believe it," chuckled Levy.

Expansion of the plant is scheduled to start next year.

The expansion is expected to take six or seven years before it's done.


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