New Bill Aims To Get Fathers And Male Role Models Involved In Education

By: Lanetra Bennett
March 26, 2014, 5:30pm

There's a new push to change who's in your child's classroom.

A bill introduced aims to get dads and male role models involved in a child's education.

J. Phillip Tavernier has six children.

After working ten hours a day, he says he still finds time for them.

"One of the first things is that I do with my children is I read. The second thing I do, which is as healthy for me as it is for them, is I play with them, I go outside and kick a ball. I go outside and push a bicycle. I do these things with my children so that we have that bonding," said Tavernier.

The Global Report says children with absentee fathers are more likely to miss school and to undervalue academic goals.

State Senator Dwight Bullard is filing a resolution designed to invite fathers and male role models into school to actively participate in education activities and programs with students.

"Statistically, when two parents are involved in a child's education, the dropout rates reduce; graduation rates increase. So, we want to make sure that we do everything that we can as a society to encourage staying in school," said Sen. Dwight Bullard.

Bullard says getting involved can simply be fathers talking to students or reading to them.

"Asking about current events. It does not have to be anything formal. It can be very informal," continued Bullard.

"The greatest investment you can make is in your children," said Tavernier.

This is a partnership with the Fatherhood Task Force of South Florida. The resolution designated May 14th as "Fathers in Education Day".

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