Blown Away By The FSU Wind Tunnel

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By: Emily Johnson
November 18, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Representatives from universities around the county and big airplane industry representatives gathered at the Florida Center for Advanced Aero-Propulsion to see the new Polysonic Wind Tunnel.

The tunnel has the capability of producing a Mach range of 0.2 to Mach 5 and is the latest technology in Aero-Propulsion. "The wind tunnel simulates: instead of flying the aircraft at high speeds, the model sits there, the aircraft sits there and we blow air at that speed," said Dr. Farruk Alvi, Director of FCAAP.

One of the goals of the more than six million dollar project funded by the National Science Foundation and Florida State University is to reduce noise that you hear at airports. "It is of optimal size that it can generate information that is useful for industry, but at the same time can be operated by graduate students," said Dr. Rajan Kumar, Associate Professor of Engineering for FSU.

Boeing represented one of many leading industry companies interested in the new technology. "Potential opportunities later on so that we're aware of them as we enter problems and counter problems on Boeing. That we can be aware of what's out there and make use of them," said Melvin Kosanchick, Boeing. The type of testing that can be done with the Polysonic Wind Tunnel can be 1/5 of what it would cost Boeing and other companies like NASA to use their own facilities.


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