New Years Resolutions Come To Halt In January

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By: Bailey Myers
January 19th, 2014

Tallahassee FL- Hitting the gym has always been a popular new year's resolution. Question is are you really sticking with it?

People walk in ready to run and push themselves to the limit because after the first day of the year places like Gold's Gym see a spike in membership. Right about now, three weeks into the new year, things begin to dwindle.

As Tallahassee's Gold's Gym manager Christopher Drifke explains, "So they come in hot they have goals they have motivation they have their mind set on a particular goal. Once they don't see instant gratification-- or for the most part they tend to fall off."

Drifke told us third week in January is where people begin to have second thoughts and drop their membership.

We wondered how certain people stay on track while others stray. For Nancy Deeb she set her goals after New Years and hasn't looked back.

Deeb told us, "You have to just teach people how to set realistic goals and setting goals was something that really helped me. Because if you aren't working towards something you are never going to really get anywhere."

Drifke hopes his gym provides people with the resources to stay on track, but at the end of the day he says it's up to you, "It isn't going to happen right away it takes time it takes dedication."

The biggest suggestion Gold's Gym provided us for people trying to stay on track was know your body, know your limits and set goals based on those things.

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