No Across the Board Pay Raises for Teachers

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He can call for the pay raises all he wants, but the Florida legislature is denying Governor Rick Scott of his wish for now.

"The details is what's sticking us right now, both the House and the Senate feels like there needs to be a performance pay flavor if you will, because that's been the trend for the last four or five years," said state Senator Bill Montford (D-Tallahassee).

The House and Senate agreed to set aside $480 million dollars for pay raises, but not for all of Florida's educators. Instead, some of the money will be tied to the merit based performance pay system, set to take affect in 2014. The Florida Education Association blasted the two chambers for the decision.

"We're very disappointed with the legislature once again, they're showing that they're holding teachers to a different standard than everyone else. Everybody else pretty much is getting across the board pay raises, but for teachers they're holding us to a different standard, is that because we're a profession of women," said FEA Vice President Joanne McCall.

Whether it's gender based or not is a matter of opinion. How the raise money will be doled out is unclear.
But Montford would like to leave that decision up to each district.

There's still time for lawmakers to change their minds. The $74 billion dollar budget has a May 3rd deadline to be completed.


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