WCTV Has Florida Party Leaders Debate the Debate!

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Tune in to WCTV Eyewitness News tonight at 5:30 to hear representatives from the Republican and Democratic parties of Florida debate how their presidential candidates performed in last night's debate.

Will the second presidential debate be a knockout blow for Mitt Romney? Many agree that the Republican presidential hopeful won the first debate in Colorado. Can he make it two for two?

"Romney did win the debate, but the president wasn't on task. But this was his first debate as president. So I think it's a little different once you've gotten into office rather than fighting for the office," said Leon County voter Anthnoy Dowling.

President Obama admitted in a radio interview last week that he was "too polite," but the president promised that he was "going to go ahead and win the next one."

"I think he's waiting. Getting ready to time it correctly. One of the things I love about him is he doesn't get nasty, but he's also smart enough to know when he's going to strike and I think we're going to see a different President Obama in the debate tonight," said Elise Stone of Tallahassee.

The debate's town hall format will deviate from the first debate in that it will feature pre-screened undecided voters asking the candidates questions.

"I think it has it's got it's merits, both ways do. There's probably a lot of things people would like to have asked them before and they didn't have a chance, so that's the benefit of having this kind," said local voter Harriet Bradrick.

And it's something both men will look to use for their own benefit.


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