Race For Thomas County Sheriff Heats Up

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Thomasville, GA-October 9, 2012

After nearly 36 years as serving as Thomas County Sheriff, the incumbent Cartlon Powell will face opponent Dale Mattilla.

Powell says his long history with Thomasville makes him relatable to the people.

"My family was here. I was raised here. I go to church here. I raised my children here. I've gone to school here and you know, it's having a personal relationship with a vast majority of these people in this County," Sheriff Powell explained.

His opponent, Mattila, spent nearly three decades working as a deputy sheriff in Miami-Dade County in Florida. He also worked as an instructor for the Miami-Dade Police Department's Mobile Field Force.

"There is a change needed here," said Mattila. "We need a more modern department. We need to tackle the drug issues here. Everywhere I went in the County, drugs. The drug crime and the drug issues are a big concern."

Both Candidates have high hopes for what they could contribute to Thomas County.

"I'd like to get the input from the men and women of the department and hopefully I can make this a better place for Thomas County and bring it to a speed or a level of policing that I am accustomed to," said Mattila.

Powell added, "I've been here for a lot of years. I've enjoyed serving Thomas County. I will continue to serve them to the best of my ability and I think anyone that knows me, knows that I'm always available for them."

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