Reward Doubles in Apalachicola Murder

By Julie Montanaro
May 2, 2013

The reward has just doubled in an unsolved murder. Pamela Kinney disappeared in Apalachicola 8 years ago, but her family says it feels like yesterday.

19 year old Pamela Kinney was last seen leaving the Two Spot August 14, 2005.

She was walking to her grandmother's house a block away. She never made it.

"The last time I seen her she was helping her granny unload some groceries out the car and the next day we got word that Pam didn't come home," said her aunt Grace O'Neal.

"It's hard for me to even grasp how anyone would be so mean as to do this to Pam and then throw her away like a bag of garbage. That's the hurting part." said aunt Annette Fagan.

Kinney was found murdered in the woods at the Box R Ranch west of town about three weeks after she disappeared.

That was the summer of 2005.

"You know it's close to my heart. It's one of these where I want to bring justice for Pamela. I feel she deserves that and more," said Franklin County Sheriff Mike Mock.

Signs advertising the 20-thousand dollar reward are going up all over Apalachicola. A billboard is coming too.

Kinney"s family is hoping it will encourage someone to let loose a terrible secret.

"It's hard to keep a secret, I would think," Fagan said. "I hope this will give an incentive to somebody to come forward. Not come forward just for the reward, but come forward with the truth...with the truth."

The Sheriff is hosting a lunch to help boost the reward. It's Friday May 3rd at 11am at the Apalachicola Police Department. Plates are $6.

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