SPLOST Vote In South Georgia

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November 5, 2013

According to the Lowndes County elections website, the SPLOST vote is not yet final.


Yes: 69.48%
No: 30.52%

By: Winnie Wright
November 5, 2013

Valdosta, GA - Before the Lowndes County elections got underway, residents were split on SPLOST.

"Too many years of too much misuse of money. They've thrown too much money away," says Mr. and Mrs. Cantrell, Lowndes county voters.

"I don't feel it's fair for the property owners to have to carry the whole burden of improvements for the city and the county", says Debbie Po.

The decades old measure, known as the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax, once again goes before Lowndes voters. They'll decide whether to keep it or throw it in the can.

But, it may be a little while before we know it's fate as votes are slowly coming in during Monday's election.

Deborah Cox, Lowndes County Supervisor of Elections:
"We have 150 to 200 ballots to count and we have to evaluate each one individually to see if its going to be counted."

There were six other races in Lowndes. Three for Valdosta City Council and three for Valdosta School Board.

Over in Hahira and Lake Park, they both have mayoral and city council elections.

Reporter: "So a candidate could go home tonight and not know if they've won the election or not?

Deborah Cox, Lowndes County Supervisor of Elections: 'If it's a close race, that's correct.'"

By: Garin Flowers
November 5, 2013

Lowndes County, GA - Elections are underway in several Georgia counties including Lowndes where there's a contentious vote on the SPLOST tax.

People for and against have been speaking out about it.

the Lowndes County Supervisor of Elections says voter turnout thus far has been pretty low and believes part of it is because it's an off election year.

Nevertheless here in Lowndes there is a mayoral race in Hahira she says has been causing a buzz plus one of the city council races has been a point of conversation.

But the number one topic has been the vote on a tax known as SPLOST or the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax. It's a heavily debated additional penny on sales tax on purchases in Lowndes County which funds projects.

By 7:15 results will start to roll in. WCTV is also following races in Thomas, Brooks, Grady, Seminole and Decatur counties.

By: Winnie Wright
November 4, 2013

Lowndes County, GA - Residents in Lowndes County will see one hot-button issue at the top of the ballot: a Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax...

SPLOST has been in place for more than 25 years. The penny tax has funded several local projects. Proponents call it an investment in the community. Others don't see it that way.

James McGahee, SPLOST Sterring Committee Member: I think it's a fair tax. It has to be utilized specifically for capital projects that are needed and necessary for our community and for the growth of our community."

Nolen Cox, Founder of Valdosta Tea Party: "I'm against SPLOST because in a recession, government should cut its taxes and cut its spending to leave more money in the community and in circulation."

Deb Cox, the Supervisor of Elections for Lowndes County says everyone needs a say in the way their tax dollars are spent.

"If you want input on how the tax dollars they take out of your check are spent, you need to have an influence on who's spending them and tell them how you want them spent."

Polls in Georgia will be open Tuesday from 7am to 7pm.

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