Seating Solution For Local Bus Stops

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Press Release: City of Tallahassee

At the direction of the Tallahassee City Commission and in response to customer requests, StarMetro is installing a unique seating solution in areas where there is no room for large benches or shelters. Simme Seats, a two-seater bench that fits on the bus stop pole, are being installed at bus stops around Tallahassee.

"In the Capital City, we should be able to provide our citizens – who are often elderly or children – a place to sit and wait for the bus,” City Commissioner Scott Maddox said. “This is our first step in that direction.”

StarMetro is among the first transit agencies in Florida to install this new seating option. A total of 18 of the patented, dark blue seat pairs will be installed at locations around the city, including Gaines Street, Bond community and Miccosukee Road.

The City Commission asked StarMetro to find affordable ways to increase seating at City bus stops. A traditional bus stop shelter includes a cement pad, a walled shelter, lighting, seats and meets accessibility requirements at a cost of between $15,000 and $23,000. Purchased through a federal grant, the new bus stop pole seats are only $618 each. They can be used in areas where the City doesn't own the land or conditions don't allow enough room for a covered shelter.

There are four Simme Seats already in place at the following locations:

Southbound on Macomb Street at Tennessee Street
Eastbound on Tharpe Street at Colorado Street
Eastbound on Tharpe Street at High Road
Westbound on Miccosukee Road at Lee Avenue

Fourteen additional locations will have seats installed in the coming months.

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