Shop With A Firefighter

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Winnie Anne Wright
December 10, 2013

Valdosta - The Valdosta Fire Department hosted their 5th annual Shop with a Firefighter on Tuesday.

The department raised donations to take local children Christmas shopping at the Walmart located on Norman Drive. Many of these children are victims of fire.

"We had so many things to replace that we absolutely needed. We weren't sure what we were going to be able to do for the kids. So this meant a lot to me and to them and to the whole family to know that something was going to come out of it. That they were going to at least get a few things that they absolutely wanted", says Darby Burleson, a victim of a house fire.

Not every child bought presents for themself. One very special girl spent her money on presents for her family.

"I love my family very much and I wanted to give them something cause they never got anything", says Yataih Wiggins.

Without Shop with a Firefighter, these children may not have a very merry Christmas. Valdosta's Fire Marshal, John Wisenbaker says it's their way of showing that they care.

"We are in the position we see them sometimes when they've lost all their belongings or most of their belongings and that's pretty traumatic on a child. So this is our way of uplifting them a little bit."

The Valdosta Police Department will host its Shop with a Cop event next Monday at the Walmart on Inner Perimeter Road.