Shoppers Cash In On Labor Day Sales

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By: Kara Duffy
September 2, 2013

Thomasville, GA- Beth Tilson is just one of the many people in Thomasville who chose to spend their Labor Day hitting the clothing racks and cashing in on the holiday savings.

"This dress was $54 and thanks to Labor Day sales and a coupon, I got it for $15 and it's absolutely gorgeous," Tilson said. "I have spent $100 and I have three new dresses and a top to show for it."

Tandyce Knaff is a Supervisor at Goody's in Thomasville. She said shopping has been steady all day long and customers seem pleased with their savings.

"With the additional 30% off on all red-line clearance, people are spending 50 cents and 98 cents on items because some of them also have $10 off coupons."

"We've only been in one shop so far, but we appreciate the sales very much," added shopper Judy Candler.

Folks at Southern Heritage Fine Furniture in Thomasville say shoppers not only appreciate the sales, but they also appreciate the extra hours they're open so they can fit in the time to shop.

"We're open on Labor Day to allow customers who are typically working during our normal business hours, the opportunity to come in and take advantage of our savings," explained owner Clint Williams.

"It's wonderful because trying to do it on my lunch hour, just does not work very well. Now, it's no stress, no fuss and I have all day if I want to," added Tilson.

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