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Press Release: City of Tallahassee

This week, the City of Tallahassee will begin construction of a sidewalk that will run along Centerville Road between Hodges Drive and Blair Stone Road. As sidewalks already exist along Blair Stone Road and Centerville Road up to Hodges Drive, this project will enhance connectivity in the area. This will increase accessibility for transit patrons and develop a more walkable community.

The sidewalk will be built on the east side of the roadway. The project will be completed in two phases: from Hodges Drive to Goodwood Drive and from Goodwood Drive to Blair Stone Road. Additionally, two crossings will be created to tie into the existing sidewalks on the west side of the road (at the Betton Road intersection and the Trescott Drive intersection).

As this is a Canopy Road and one of the gems of Tallahassee, the City worked closely with the Canopy Road Citizens Committee. The committee approved the project, and based upon its members’ input, pedestrian rest areas (i.e., benches) will also be installed along the route.

Because of the value our community places on our gorgeous canopy, the City has designed the sidewalk in a way that will protect the trees and their root systems to the greatest extent possible. A natural features inventory has been completed, and based upon the project plans, no direct impacts to any patriarch trees is anticipated. Some of the measures taken to protect the canopy zone include elevated boardwalks, custom sidewalk structures that reduce the impact to the root zone, a meandering alignment and varying widths to help the sidewalk fit into the existing landscape. Any necessary root pruning will occur under the supervision of a Certified Arborist.

Additionally, some underbrush will be removed as part of the project. The underbrush removal will make the sidewalk visible to vehicles on Centerville Road and increase pedestrian safety.

This week, work is beginning on Phase 1 between Hodges to Goodwood drives. Weather permitting, work is expected to be completed by November. Construction hours will normally be from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, with limited weekend work and restrictions during morning and evening rush hour.

Construction will start near Goodwood Drive and be completed in sections working south toward Hodges Drive. To allow for the safest work environment for the crew and the least delay for motorists, three different traffic patterns will be implemented during the project based on the location of construction. Throughout the project, accommodations will be made for local traffic to access their property.

While work is taking place between Goodwood and Trescott drives, the northbound lane within the work zone will be closed. Two-way traffic will be maintained with the use of flagmen. Motorists should expect minor delays.

While work is taking place between Trescott Drive and Betton Road, the northbound lane within the work zone will be closed. Northbound traffic will be detoured at Betton Road to E. Randolph Circle to Argonne Road back to Centerville Road. Residents living on Cantigny Way and Escadrille Drive will only be able to exit and head south on Centerville Road. Southbound traffic will not be impacted.

While work is taking place between Betton Road and Hodges Drive, the northbound lane within the work zone will be closed. Northbound traffic will be shifted to the middle turn lane. Southbound traffic will not be impacted.

Phase 2 of the project is expected to begin in November, following the completion of phase 1. Updated traffic patterns will be provided prior to its start.

As this work is taking place within the Canopy Road Protection Zone, we are taking extra measures to ensure that safety of the crew, motorists and the environment. For more information on this project, please contact the City’s Public Works Department at 891-8234.

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