Speed Up Or Move Over, New Law Could Ticket Slow Drivers

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By: Garin Flowers
June 13, 2013

Governor Rick Scott has signed off on several transportation measures that may change the way you drive.

That includes a law requiring drivers move out of the left lane on roads if they're driving too slow.

Katherine Cornelison and Kelly Jones are two Florida drivers.

"I think it was a rule that was already there so it's good that I guess it's being enforced," Cornelison said.

"I don't tend to get mad at people when they're slow, I just go around them," Jones added.

The law specifically reads anyone driving 10 miles per hour or more below the posted speed limit must yield to cars in the left lane trying to overtake them.

"People can do the right thing and be good citizens and get out of the way so they're not being discourteous to other drivers," Cornelison said.

The legislation also affects the infamous red light cameras.

If a driver attempts to turn right on red, they can't be ticketed due to a red light camera as long as they came to a full stop, even after crossing the stop line.

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