Springtime Tallahassee Kicks Off With Sunshine

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Tallahassee didn't let it rain on its parade today.

Hundreds headed downtown for annual springtime Tallahassee events.

"We were waiting for the rain to stop but then we were coming we all had our ponchos we were in for it," Stacy Paddack of Tallahassee said.

But the crowd didn't even need their ponchos.

"At the last minute the skies cleared. Sombody has a connection up there. We're thankful for that," Park Tramell, Chair of Judges Committee said.

Because of the early morning thunder and lightning about 40 of the 116 groups in the parade had to cancel.

But the show still went on. Our WCTV news team walked the route along our live truck.

There was a Spanish float, a circus float, and the traditional horse and buggie. Everyone had a favorite.

"Probably the Batman one,"Michael Knisley said. "Yeah that one was good," Eli Paddack added.

Springtime Tallahassee is tradition for many families. Kids we talked to say they look forward to the parade every year.

The fun didn't stop after the parade was over. Folks came downtown ate some local food, shopped at some of the vendors and just enjoyed themselves

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