State Troopers On Look Out For New Year's Eve Drunk Drivers

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Thomasville, GA- Georgia State Patrol Troopers are beefing up patrol for New Year's Eve festivities; that means cracking down on drunk drivers.

Troopers are urging folks that are celebrating Monday night to have a designated driver or call a taxi service for a sober ride home.

They also suggest driving defensively and to be on the look out for other drivers that you're sharing the road with.

Troopers will also be using their computer database of previous accident and DUI reports from over the past year to designate the most crucial places for them to place check points.

Sergeant W.Tracy Tabb with Georgia State Patrol said, "I put the times and locations of where I want to work, and it gives me where I have a higher concentration of DUI and a higher concentration of wrecks."

Sergeant Tabb says troopers will not only be looking for drunk drivers, but also speeders, so be sure to slow down.