Sunshine Showdown Has Fans Divided

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By: Bailey Myers
November 30th, 2013

Tallahassee FL- Sunshine Showdown, FSU took on UF at high noon today for the big rival game.

The game had people shouting, "Go Noles! Go Gators hopefully."

A divided stadium seemed to be the theme during the Florida-- Florida state game on Saturday. Many had to decide--- am I a Gator? Or Am I a Nole?

People like Katie Howard, many were torn during the game because although she graduated from FSU she now attends UF's graduate program. Her father John Howard explained the big reason she chose to wear garnet and gold was "because they are undefeated so she's going to follow undefeated team of course."

As FSU Fan Matt Tirallisi said, "It feels good for a change. I know a lot of people doubted us the last few years put us as like you know underdogs in most of our games winning to Clemson as the underdog and we finally got some respect back and we are back to dominating people."

Many fans felt compelled to support the winning team. Despite the deep rooted rivalry, one UF fan said, "Hey it's all good it's a fun rivalry we are all friends it's okay."

More than 90,000 fans filled the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville today to see just how this rivalry would play out, and while players took to the field-- one special FSU guest impressed passer-bys outside.

That's right, Chief Osceola took a trot on Renegade today in enemy territory. Well, it wasn't really Renegade or the Chief but a boxer mix named Nelson who just happens to be a huge Nole fan.

His owner, Sarah Pruitt explained "It's a big rival. We are winning the games so I figure we will figure it out and see how he does out here and if he wins we will give him a t-bone steak."

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