Super Sniffers Join Ranks of Highway Patrol

January 23, 2013 by Julie Montanaro

Some new troopers are hitting the streets in Florida and they have very powerful noses.

Nine K-9's - and their handlers - graduated today and will soon be on duty with the Florida Highway Patrol.

The teams got their diplomas after 800 hours of training in human tracking, drug sniffing and search and rescue.

"They each have to have confidence in one another and be able to anticipate not only what the dog's going to do, but what the handler wants the dog to do. So they're lifelong partners from this point forward and it is quite a bond that they have between the two of them," Major Mark Brown said.

The german shepherds are heading to troops across the state. The closest? Oliver and Blek are taking their super sniffers and wagging tails to Lake City.

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