Suwannee Spring Fest Draws Far Away Fan

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It's no secret that locals love going to the Suwannee Spring Fest every year.

For the past six years, one man has been making a 1,300 mile drive from Massachusetts.

"I'm a Donna la Buffalo fan and I found out they were playing down here. And here I am," Wayne Lapine said.

Wayne LaPine says he comes for the artists and the shopping, but what really brings him back are the friends at Suwannee that he's become close with throughout the years.

"I have my festival families. And it's just a great place to meet people," he said.

Thousands of people come out every year for Suwannee Fest and those who do choose to camp out for the four days have plenty of options.

There's tents or for a little more privacy RV's.

And if the outdoors isn't your thing, don't worry you can always reserve a cabin.

"Most people really just like to set up their camp spots and be around their friends and their familiy and just have a good time," Samantha Pruett, Hospitality Manager said.

With Sunday being the last day of the festival, the camp grounds are quickly clearing out.

Lapine plans to drive back to Massachusetts Monday morning but dont worry, he already has plans to come back.

"I already have my ticket for Magnolia Fest in the Fall," he said.

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