LCSO To Showcase Crime-Fighting Technology

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UPDATED by Julie Montanaro
January 15, 2014

Crime fighting has changed a lot since the days of polaroid pictures and paper warrants.

Today tech savvy business owners got a look at the some of the technology that deputies use every day. On the street and in the air.

We got a chance to see Doak Campbell from a thousand feet .

But the men behind the controls in this bell jet ranger aren't usually sightseeing, they're trying to spot missing children and fleeing suspects in the daylight and in the dark.

"There's basically no technology you can put on the aircraft that we don't have," said deputy Lee Majors who is one of four pilots for LCSO.

The helicopter is loaded with high tech crime fighting tools, from a heat seeker called FLIR - to a nose mounted camera that can send back pictures real time to deputies on the ground.

"Lets say an officer has responded to an alarm and he's sitting in front of the building. If he's by himself he has no idea what's around the back. I can cover the whole building, I can see the roof and give him real time information before he walks around the corner and walks into a dangerous situation," Majors said.

The helicopter flew over Capital City Country Club Wednesday afternoon to show a group of tech savvy business owners and entrepeneurs some of the technology at work at the Leon County Sheriff's Office.

This is what we all looked like from the air standing out front and gazing skyward.

"What we got to see from the helicopter, and how they use video and the downlink for the video, that technology is state of the art," said Tal Tech Chairman Marc Paul.

Tal-Tech - a group that promotes technology based businesses in Tallahassee - sponsored today's demonstration. LCSO also showed off the department's bomb robot and instant fingerprint technology.

"I know that the Army and the Air Force uses this, but the police force? I was not aware that they had this much technology," said FSU Robotics student Ryan Kapinsky.

The men in the chopper will tell you the technology on board is not just cool, it provides instant information that could be life-saving to law enforcement officers on patrol in the capital city and beyond.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Local business people and area residents will have an opportunity to take a hands-on look at technology used to fight crime and save lives Wednesday during the first 2014 luncheon of the Tallahassee Technology (TalTech) Alliance. Two law enforcement officials with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) will be guest speakers at the event, which takes place at 11:30 a.m. at Capital City Country Club.

Maj. Michael Wood, LCSO’s Director of the Law Enforcement Division, and Gene Griffin, LCSO’s Chief Administrative Officer, will keynote. Griffin has more than decade of experience with LCSO, and Wood has worked more than 30 years in the office. During Wednesday’s luncheon, they will explain how LCSO uses technology to perform day-to-day and special operations.

“I’ve been with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office 31 years. Though we perform the same tasks we always have, technology definitely makes a difference that benefits the lives of civilians and deputies,” said Wood. “Many people never have a chance to see the technology we use in a positive environment, and we’re excited to provide this opportunity to TalTech members and the public.”

During the interactive experience, attendees will get a first hand look at technology used in special operations, including a “bomb truck” and robotics used to investigate explosive devices, as well as sophisticated camera systems used in LCSO’s Aviation Unit. Attendees will also have a chance to explore patrol cars to see the technology that deputies use every day.

“The TalTech Alliance is all about innovation and technology, and those who attend can expect to see creative solutions that help protect and serve the entire county. We are so appreciative of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office for agreeing to present their ‘arresting technology’ at our first luncheon of the new year,” said TalTech Alliance Chairman Marc Paul.

The luncheon will be at Capital City Country Club, located at 1601 Golf Terrace Drive, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. There is no cost for TalTech members; non-members pay $20. Those interested in joining may sign up for membership at the luncheon. For more information on TalTech luncheons or to register to attend, visit and click “upcoming events.”