Tallahassee Pets Alive: Pet Adoption

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By: Emily Johnson
November 30, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Tallahassee Pets Alive sponsored their weekly adoption outside of the Naturally Healthy pet store today. They invite pets from various rescues around town to attend. All of the the pets today were from Last Hope Rescue and are spayed and neutered, fully vetted and they're currently living in foster homes to be ready for when they are adopted by their forever home. "We're doing great, we will adopt hundreds of pets out of this little entity every single year and if all of the rescues and all of the other entities in Tallahassee and Leon County did the same then we could move Tallahassee and Leon County to a no kill," said Jack Cory of Tallahassee Pets Alive.

Also Tallahassee Pets Alive has made Healthy Pet a pet food collection site as part of the Tallahassee Pets Alive pet food bank. The pet food will go to families who are struggling to feed their pets.