Tallahassee Native Attends United Nations Speech

Photo: Dana Terry
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By Garin Flowers
July 12, 2013

The United Nations has honored the Pakistani teen shot in the head for speaking up on her beliefs-- and a Tallahassee resident was there to witness the event.

The Taliban attempted to assassinate Malala Youfsazi who spoke up on the right for girls to go to school in Pakistan.

Nine months later, the UN declared today "Malala Day" in honor of the 16-year old. Tallahassee native, Dana Terry was there for the historic moment when malala addressed more than 500 people.

Dana Terry: "Malala always very very inspirational story. She talked about how even though the Taliban tried to stop her, tried to take her life away from her, she got back up, she kept fighting for education and women and girls empowerment, education for all, boys and girls."

Terry interns with the United Nations Association in New York. She's been there for three weeks and has helped out with events like "Malala Day".


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