Tallahassee’s Neighborhood Medical Center Opens New Branch

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By: Eyewitness News
August 17, 2013

Neighborhood Medical Center will now offer primary and mental health care in the town of Havana. This is a full service clinic also providing specialty clinics, women’s health, chronic disease management, and pediatrics.

The facility will be open Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm and services provided are based on a sliding scale fee, although no one is turned away based on their ability to pay. For more information or to make an appointment please call 850.539.9800.

Tallahassee’s Neighborhood Medical Center just opened a new branch. The center’s mission is to provide access to healthcare to the uninsured and homeless.

The center teamed up with Buy-Rite, a pharmacy in the area to celebrate the opening.

Mai Kung, of Neighborhood Medical Center hopes the center will help improve a person’s health and life, "If you don't have health you can't work, and we want to encourage people, empower people to charge of there health and to attain better health," said Kung.

Residents enjoyed food and were given goodie bags. The center will be opened five days a week, in the morning hours.

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