Tallahassee Acoustic Ensemble Performs At Spring Fest

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By Natalie Rubino

Tallahassee, Fla. -- Tallahassee's Acoustic Ensemble performed at the Suwannee Music Festival for its sixth year in a row.

Directed by Mickey Abraham, the ensemble is made up of ten young musicians from Tallahassee's Youth Orchestra.

The group has been performing at Spring fest for seven years.

They prepare all year for it and practice every Sunday at FSU.

Abraham says performing at Suwannee's Music Festival is the best lesson his students can have.

"The best music lesson I ever had was not from a teacher or book but was coming to Spring Fest. So I figured why would my students not be here. That was the empetis for making it happen," Abraham said.

Their ages range from middle school to high school.

The group played five different instruments on stage including the banjo and the fiddle.

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